Sunday, July 2, 2017

Pumpkin Patch Kid -- Little Bat Blue

Koneko Kawaii OOAK Art Doll Little Bay Blue
Koneko Kawaii OOAK Art Doll Little Bay Blue
Another quirky kid residing in The Patch is this sweet little bat named Blue. He spends his time hiding among vines and berry bushes but it's never to frighten people. Blue is friendly yet shy and prefers to munch on blue berries in quiet solitude before dozing off to sleep in a food coma.

Little Bat Blue is part of a line of Koneko Kawaii OOAK art dolls I made in celebration of autumn and Halloween last year. He's made by way of freestyle crochet. As with all of my dolls, I listen to my heart as they come to life on my hook. I often don't know what I'm making when I sit down to create.

Friday, June 30, 2017

Unleash the Kawaii Kraken! -- Free Amigurumi Pattern

I had once received a commission from someone to make for them a lavender squid. The rest of it was up to me, I could do whatever I pleased with it. So I came up with this little character. I love the expression on his face; he looks like he inked you in the face, but he's sorry about it. Sorry Squid I called him then. I call this new one Kawaii Kraken because it tickles me how much even monsters can look cute when crocheted.. I hope to see a bunch of these cute little guys floating around the now that the pattern is out. And I hope you have fun making them like I did.
xoxox koneko kawaii

Friday, June 23, 2017

Koneko Kawaii on Social Media -- Find me on Ravelry

Over the past several days I've been working on updating and coordinating all of my social media sites which have anything to do with Koneko Kawaii. This morning I've finished updating all of my amigurumi and doll creations onto Ravelry.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Meet the Koneko Kawaii Kids -- Pumpkin Petra

Koneko Kawaii OOAK Art Doll Pumpkin Petra
Koneko Kawaii Art Doll Pumpkin Petra
I got this fun idea last October to make this line of dolls, characters I imagined which lived in a pumpkin patch. One thing I'm not shy about and that's my love for the Autumn season, October and Halloween. So when I was contemplating what to make next it seemed only fitting I should create these cuties.

First in my lineup of Koneko Kids (the pumpkin patch version) is Pumpkin Petra. Petra is caretaker of the patch. Despite her coloring, she has quite the green thumb. She loves to tend to the gardens and help plants grow. Not just pumpkins; squash, cabbage and potatoes as well. When she's not busy gardening, Petra can be found making Jack-o-lanterns which serve to light up the patch at night. She enjoys feeding the pumpkin seeds to the birds, and little bits of pumpkin to her snail friends.

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Out of love, meaningful creations blossom

There are many "why's" as to the reason for our creations. We do it for fun, for health, for money, and certainly​ at times for love and just because. One such creation of mine in recent months stemmed out of love for a cousin of mine who has become much more than that to me.

Friday, June 16, 2017

Kawaii Heart Snail -- Free Amigurumi Pattern

Kawaii Heart Snail Pattern
Kawaii Heart Snail -- Free Amigurumi Pattern
Saw another heart-shaped snail but with no pattern so I made one up. I have an affinity for crocheted snails; they're just the cutest! This sweet heart shell makes it even cuter. Enjoy my first free pattern from Koneko Kawaii.
xoxo koneko kawaii

Amigurumi Kawaii!

I'd like to share with you all something very special I'm starting. While Koneko Kawaii is my home for the general amigurumi topics, posting about my OOAK art dolls, and so forth, I have created a seperate blog which I'm dubbing Amigurumi Kawaii.

3 Free Hat Crochet Patterns from Koneko Kawaii

The main focus of my crocheting from here on out is amigurumi and OOAK art dolls. But in my earlier days of the craft I was very into hat-making and came up with three patterns to share. Instead of shooing them away in a corner, I figured I'd put them all in one place for easy access. Here are links to all three which also may be found on my ravelry if you'd like to save them for later.

Netflix & Hooking Hat -- Free Crochet Pattern

Eye See You! Eyeball Beanie -- Free Crochet Pattern

Eye See You! Eyeball Beanie -- Free Crochet Pattern
Eye See You! Eyeball Beanie -- Free Crochet Pattern

Wednesday Addams Cosplay Hat -- Free Crochet Pattern

Wednesday Addams Cosplay Hat -- Free Crochet Pattern
Wednesday Addams Cosplay Hat -- Free Crochet Pattern

Introducing: Miss Koneko!

More than half my life I've found myself involved in some form of fiber arts or another. It was about two years ago when I found myself tinkering with crochet followed by the world of creating amigurumi and doll making. After making several dolls for practice, inspiration struck for me to design and create some of my very own.

Friday, May 5, 2017

Imagining Koneko Kawaii

For the past little while, life has been a tad tumultuous. I turned to crochet for comfort and much needed de-stressing to keep my sanity in tact. I’ve been on and off the Internet for years occasionally sharing my work. Early this fall I made the commitment to get more involved in the crochet community. I’ve since been able to see what a wonderful community it is to be a part of. In wanting to play a more active role, I created Koneko Kawaii as a place to showcase my work. It’s ignited a creative spark in me that I now wish to turn Koneko Kawaii into a small business. I would like for Koneko Kawaii to be about several things. A means of selling my creations. Sharing ideas and patterns. Connecting with great people and contributing to the community. Although I don’t have the end result completely formed in my mind, I have some starting ideas.

For the past week I put down my hook so that I might focus on other aspects of Koneko Kawaii. As I am now officially thinking of Koneko Kawaii as a small business and so much more than just a website or hobby, I’ve started developing it as a brand. I developed an image to use as a logo for all of my online presence and social media, on my business cards, and on my packaging. I have also gone ahead and ordered a beautiful set of business cards with this imagery. The next step I’m working on is creating imagery for tags/labels to sew into my pieces. A step I see crucial in developing my brand, my own fingerprint left behind. The final major necessities I’m working on is building my social media presence and redesigning this website.
With that, welcome to my own little crochet corner of the world! I hope you find it cozy here.