Friday, May 5, 2017

Imagining Koneko Kawaii

For the past little while, life has been a tad tumultuous. I turned to crochet for comfort and much needed de-stressing to keep my sanity in tact. I’ve been on and off the Internet for years occasionally sharing my work. Early this fall I made the commitment to get more involved in the crochet community. I’ve since been able to see what a wonderful community it is to be a part of. In wanting to play a more active role, I created Koneko Kawaii as a place to showcase my work. It’s ignited a creative spark in me that I now wish to turn Koneko Kawaii into a small business. I would like for Koneko Kawaii to be about several things. A means of selling my creations. Sharing ideas and patterns. Connecting with great people and contributing to the community. Although I don’t have the end result completely formed in my mind, I have some starting ideas.

For the past week I put down my hook so that I might focus on other aspects of Koneko Kawaii. As I am now officially thinking of Koneko Kawaii as a small business and so much more than just a website or hobby, I’ve started developing it as a brand. I developed an image to use as a logo for all of my online presence and social media, on my business cards, and on my packaging. I have also gone ahead and ordered a beautiful set of business cards with this imagery. The next step I’m working on is creating imagery for tags/labels to sew into my pieces. A step I see crucial in developing my brand, my own fingerprint left behind. The final major necessities I’m working on is building my social media presence and redesigning this website.
With that, welcome to my own little crochet corner of the world! I hope you find it cozy here.