Friday, June 16, 2017

Introducing: Miss Koneko!

More than half my life I've found myself involved in some form of fiber arts or another. It was about two years ago when I found myself tinkering with crochet followed by the world of creating amigurumi and doll making. After making several dolls for practice, inspiration struck for me to design and create some of my very own.

I love the idea of having a whole set of OOAK (one of a kind) art dolls, each one varying from the next, all with a different personality. I want my dolls to be seen as more than just a crocheted toy. I've been working on skill, craft and artistry to make my dolls viewed as more of a work of art. Something to collect, display, admire, and make one smile.

Miss Koneko (whom I now consider as something of a mascot) is my very first attempt at achieving this vision of OOAK art dolls which I have in mind. Although she is not the end result of my imaginings, she is just the beginning. She is my muse and inspiration. From this sweet girl will come the fruit of many more dolls I have in mind and cannot wait to share with you all.

xoxo Koneko Kawaii