Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Meet the Koneko Kawaii Kids -- Pumpkin Petra

Koneko Kawaii OOAK Art Doll Pumpkin Petra
Koneko Kawaii Art Doll Pumpkin Petra
I got this fun idea last October to make this line of dolls, characters I imagined which lived in a pumpkin patch. One thing I'm not shy about and that's my love for the Autumn season, October and Halloween. So when I was contemplating what to make next it seemed only fitting I should create these cuties.

First in my lineup of Koneko Kids (the pumpkin patch version) is Pumpkin Petra. Petra is caretaker of the patch. Despite her coloring, she has quite the green thumb. She loves to tend to the gardens and help plants grow. Not just pumpkins; squash, cabbage and potatoes as well. When she's not busy gardening, Petra can be found making Jack-o-lanterns which serve to light up the patch at night. She enjoys feeding the pumpkin seeds to the birds, and little bits of pumpkin to her snail friends.