Friday, June 16, 2017

Netflix & Hooking Hat -- Free Crochet Pattern

Living in Tidewater, Virginia, you never know what sort of weather to expect during the non-summer seasons. This time last week you’d never know we had snow. In this area, a mere dusting of snow qualifies everything to shutdown–including my workplace. What better time curl up in pj’s, throw on the Netflix, and breakout the Hooks? I decided to rekindle my on-again, off-again love affair with Netflix by delving into Marvel’s Jessica Jones.

I also decided to pair it some crochet. Something thick. Quick. Chunky. Warm. Perusing the stash, I found just the yarn. Some gloriously chunky and soft wool yarn I had gotten a year ago from my time in Germany. A small Alpine town by the name of Oberammergau to be precise. There was snow on the ground then and there, too. Wanting to do something fast, easy, and somewhat mindless during episodes, I came up with this hat which I managed to crochet in less than two episodes of Jessica Jones. Had I more of this same yarn, I could have easily busted out several during a season binge. Forget about Netflix and Chill, I present to you all the Netflix & Hooking Hat!

Netflix & Hooking Hat Pattern — Small/Med. Young Adult/Womens Size
This easy peasy hat will crochet up in no time, ah the wonders of chunky yarn and big hooks! The crown of the hat is DC, with the rest being done in a DC seed/moss stitch, and is also done in a spiral with no joining, except for in two spots.
The Crown:
Rnd 1: With K hook & chunky yarn of choice, DC x12 into Magic Ring
Rnd 2: Inc. 12x (2 DC in ea. ST) (24 ST)
Rnd 3: Inc. 12x (2 DC in same ST, 1 DC in next ST) (36 ST)
Rnd 4: Inc. 12x (2 DC in same ST, 1 DC in next STx2) (48 ST)
End of Inc., I made this to be snug on my head. For bigger, just Inc. to 54 ST in the next row. For smaller, stop at Rnd. 3.
Rnd 5: SL ST in next ST. CH 3, SKP STT. *DC in next ST, CH 1, SKP ST* rep from *to*
Rnds 6-10: Repeat Rnd 5, double crocheting into the 1 CH SP. SL ST at the end.
Rnds 11: Finish off, CH 1, SC in ea. CH 1 SP & DC ST around. BO. Weave in ends. Viola!
Hopefully, this fun pattern makes your Netflix time at least a tad productive. As always, let me know if there are any issues, and please feel free to share with me any that you make!