Saturday, June 17, 2017

Out of love, meaningful creations blossom

There are many "why's" as to the reason for our creations. We do it for fun, for health, for money, and certainly​ at times for love and just because. One such creation of mine in recent months stemmed out of love for a cousin of mine who has become much more than that to me.

Over the past 8 months, he has been as a grandpa to my son ( whose own grandfathers are no where to be seen). Out of love, my cousin gifted me with beautiful yarn. So out of love I created him something he had mentioned liking some time before. I had posted a link to a free pattern for the characters from Inside Out. He took a fancy to this little guy right here: Fear.

Fear from Inside Out
Fear from Inside Out
Thank you Brett, for giving me the opportunity to make him, for inspiration and for your love.

xoxo Koneko Kawaii 💙

This free pattern is available from Sabrina Somers Crochet found here: Crochet Fear from Inside Out