Friday, June 16, 2017

Wednesday Addams Cosplay Hat -- Free Crochet Pattern

Wednesday Addams Cosplay Hat -- Free Crochet Pattern
Wednesday Addams Cosplay Hat -- Free Crochet Pattern

As mentioned in previous posts, and as you will undoubtedly see throughout Koneko Kawaii, and all of my social media, I’m a huge Halloween nerd For me, Halloween is a lifestyle and everyday is a masquerade. Much of my crocheting focus is going to be not only Halloween oriented, but centered around the art of cosplay. With that in mind, I’ve been working on creating hats for the big kids out there who still love to dress up for any time of year. My first such hat is modeled after miss Wednesday Addams.

The Addams Family were my first introduction and inspiration for all things gothic, spooky, and just plain out of the ordinary. So what better way to start than with a hat homage to to them?
I had been meaning to write this pattern down since I made it, and since I officially received a request for it today I took that as my cue to get on it! I’ve never written down a crochet pattern before. I’ve been doing a lot of hats lately so I went just went with a basic hat crochet formula I’ve seen used on many patterns. Namely, for hats done in Double Crochet, start with 12 DC in a circle, increase by 12 every round until you’ve reached the diameter necessary. Discontinue increases and simply DC as normal until you’ve reached desired length. I’ve found a wonderful tutorial on designing your own hat at Yarn Over, Pull Through
A note on my personal crocheting preference: I’ve seen crochet hats, and other projects done in the round, done by either spiral or joining. Without going off on too much of a tangent about differences, pros & cons of each other, I’ll say that, for myself, lately I’ve preferred crocheting my in the round projects by way of spiral, and that’s how this is written. As such, you’ll definitely need to have a stitch marker for this. A spare bit of contrasting yarn works perfectly, that’s what I used. Now, onto the technical stuff.
Abbreviations used in this pattern:CH – chain
ST – stitch
SL ST – slip stitch
SC – single crochet (US)
DC – double crochet (US)
BO – bind off
4 ply Worsted Weight Yarns, 1 Skein
4.25 MM Hook, or size needed depending on your tension. (I’m terrible, and didn’t gauge.)
Stitch Markers.
Approximate Circumference = 20 inches, snug enough for a 22 inch head.
Approximate Crown to Mid Ear = 7.5 inches.
Shaping the Crown
Rnd 1: 
ch 2, 12 DC in 2nd ch from hook. Pull circle tightly closed. Place stitch marker at end of round, and end of every round after this. (12 dc)
Rnd 2: 2 DC in ea st around. (24 dc)
Rnd 3: *2 DC in next st, 1 DC  in next st* Repeat from * to * around. (36 DC)
Rnd 4: *2 DC in next st, 1 DC next 2 st* Repeat from * to * around. (48 DC)
Rnd 5: *2 DC in next st, 1 DC next 3 st* Repeat from * to * around. (60 DC)
Rnd 6: *2 DC in next st, 1 DC next 4 st* Repeat from * to * around. (72 DC)
At this point, the circumference should be about 22 inches arcoss. After this, there are no more increases.
Rnd 7-15: 1 dc in every st around.
The length of the hat should now be about  7.5inches from top of crown, to mid-ears.
Finishing. The final two rows will be done in Single Crochet, which I feel gives me a tight finish so that the hat is nice and secure. These rows are also where you will insert yarn for Wednesday’s Hair.
Rnd 16: Sl St into beg. st., CH 1, SC every stitch around.
Rnd 17: SC in every St around. SL ST into the first ST. BO.  End can be woven into the hair.
Wednesday’s Hair & Braids
I used a tutorial from Over The Apple Tree since I had never done anything like this before. 
T0 make the hair for the braids, you will need 72 strands of yarn to weave in the bottom row of single crochet. To figure out the desired length, I found it easiest to put the hat on myself, and with either crochet hook or tapestry needle, pull one strand of yarn through a stitch and pull it long enough that there’s the same length of yarn on each side dangling through that stitch. You’ll need to roughly estimate how much yarn to pull through, enough for a skinny braid  ending just around the shoulders.
Because Wednesday’s braids are thin, I found that 72 strands (one per single crochet stitch) were adequate enough. If you’d like thicker hair, then  double the strands and either put two in each stitch, or utilize the top row of single crochet and create another layer of hair. The yarn in that layer would need to be pulled out longer.
Once you figure out the desired length of one strand, use that as a guide for measuring the other. Try to find a book with which to wrap the yarn around, if you can find one suitable to the length you need, similar to how you might make tassels. Whichever tool you utilize to wrap the yarn is fine as long as you make 71 more strands.
Again, use what you prefer to pull the strands of yarn, one per stitch. I originally use a tapestry needle, only to switch to pulling them through with a crochet hook.
Styling Wednesday’s Braids
To style Wednesday’s braid, it was easiest for me to put the hat on while standing in front of a mirror. Part the hair down the center styling and adjusting as needed and braid. Fasten the braid with another piece of yarn and work it into the braid. Some of the strands may end up uneven after it’s been braided. Snip to your liking.
Finished! Enjoy your new Wednesday hat!


Ending Note
FYI! This is my first time writing down a crochet pattern of sort for the purpose of sharing it with others. While it makes perfect sense to me, it may not be so straightforward to others. Always feel free to contact me with any issues, I’m more than happy to help.